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“Not only my pain diminished, I was also standing straighter &I could feel relief in my body. I was so impressed to see such dramatic difference that I decided to sign up straightaway.”
 – Jean-Paul Valdes, Business Coach


No treatment for back, shoulder, neck, pain pains etc is complete without an active physical exercise program.

Key Reflections:

Our bodies work very much like a machine. It needs to be oiled and maintained well. When we do that the machine will serve us well, when it doesn’t it will break down. Our bodies are robust and should last a lifetime if we take care of it well. The pain you’re experiencing today may be due to daily wears and tears that life and gravity have imposed on us.

Movement heals. Without movement, the treatment is not complete.

Having pain while challenging, pushes us out of our comfort zone and it’s an opportunity for growth. 

Happiness begins with with the body. 

Breath and movement are keys to connecting body and mind.

The program has far-reaching therapeutic benefits that include a stronger body as well as a calmer and clearer mind.

Keath’s mission is to continue sharing with the public on good movement so we may all enjoy the healthy and happy lives we all deserve. 

If you’re experiencing pain today, do not be afraid.  Your pain however is stopping you from living your life to the fullest. So contact us to join ABMUS Pilates workshop and notice the difference we can do to your body and mind in just ONE session. We look forward to meeting y

What Do You Get After
ABMUS Workshop

Who will benefit from ABMUS Pilates:


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I walked into DSCVRY™ on 24th Aug as a shaken withdrawn man with all hopes lost. Today (28th Aug) I’m walking away from DSCVRY™ with confidence and lost hopes recovered. Thank you Alif, Keath and Laila – the little duck. Yes, it’s worth the money I invested!

                                                            — Mr Khan

I came to DSCVRY™ after a period of physiotherapy following an ankle operation. Keath has worked patiently with me to continue the healing process and to re-engage the parts of my legs that suffered from the lack of use when I was suffering so much pain. The process has been enjoyable and I have noticed an improvement in my general physical condition, not to mention my legs, knees and ankles. I would definitely recommend DSCVRY™ Signature Program ABMUS Pilates as an all-round fitness program, to both young and old (I am 70 years of age!) 

                                                       – Susan Nelson

I had a stroke in January 2017. I had difficulty walking and had to use a walking stick. I have been doing exercises at DSCVRY™ for the last 8 months. DSCVRY™ Signature Program ABMUS Pilates has helped me with my movement. Now I don’t have to use a walking stick anymore. I highly recommend DSCVRY™ for those who have the same problem like me. It will help you to improve your overall body strength, balance and movement.

                                                               – Dato Amli

“Dear Keath & Team

Your method works. For the first time in 16 years, I slept like a baby (8 hours uninterrupted sleep, usually if I’m lucky I get 4 hours of sleep). Before this it’ll take 2 hours minimum for me to sleep. Now, I can sleep almost immediately. I woke up feeling fresh & energized. ”

                                                           — Zel Zainoor

“DSCVRY™ has built me up to enjoy other sports and activities. As a result I feel so much stronger! ”

                             — Dato Kee, 80 years young

“I was having shoulder pain due to my workout and sports. After just one session, my shoulder pain was completely gone! I was so surprised! Thank you so much DSCVRY™!”
                                                                       — Izzat

“I really enjoyed my time doing DSCVRY™ Signature Program ABMUS Pilates. Therapists are all friendly and helpful with my exercises. I highly recommend this centre for those who are looking for somewhere to exercise.”

                                                           — Hye Jin Kim

“Never thought that a stretch can feel this good afterwards. Keath does have a hypnoptic voice – really assuring and encouraging to push yourself beyond the comfort zone. Could definitely feel myself stronger over time.”

                                                                     — Souffi

“Been going to DSCVRY™ for a few months now, Keath and his team of physiotherapy-trained instructors are excellent, the classes and physiotherapy sessions really helped me a lot in hip injury recovery and strength building. The ambience is also cozy and welcoming! Keep it up!”

                                                            — Esther Teo

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17th December 2023, Sunday 9.50AM to 12PM

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